Vision, Values, and Mission

Lower Lights Community Church of the Nazarene


To become a holistically transformed community of Christian Disciples impacting Franklinton, Central Ohio, and our World.


  1. The spiritual formation of every individual
  2. Our ministry arms, Lower Lights Ministries and Lower Lights Christian Health Center
  3. Every Person is created with dignity and ought to be celebrated
  4. The whole gospel that saves, sanctifies, and moves us to a place where we are able to love God with our whole being and our neighbor as ourselves
  5. Good stewardship of what God has entrusted us with: our people, facilities, and finances
  6. We value being firmly grounded in Christians tradition while being relevant to modern culture
  7. The Christian nurturing and training of the next generation
  8. Simplicity of life and ministry
  9. Relationships are the key to Christian conversion and essential for ongoing Christian growth
  10. Our relationship with the district and international church as a vital way of multiplying our impact in the Kingdom of God

Mission Statement:

Lower Lights Community Church of the Nazarene exists to inspire hope and assist the transformation of individuals into disciples who fully love God and others through holistic, Christ-centered ministries.