Topics of general interest.

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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Easter 2018 2018-04-08
What Do You Give a Beggar? Jeremy Stanley 2016-07-31
The Beloved of God Mike Vallangeon 2016-07-24
Faith to Walk on Water Sarah Dupray 2016-07-17
The Truth of Love Rev. Jan Ruark 2016-07-10
Encountering Jesus as He Seeks the Lost Mike Vallangeon 2016-05-29
Encountering Jesus: Giving Him Everything Mike Vallangeon 2016-05-22
2015-16 annual report Mike Vallangeon 2016-04-24
Stories of Grace - Faith Promise Rev. Tim Eby 2016-03-06
Encountering Jesus in the Crowd: meeting needs Mike Vallangeon 2016-02-28
The Church and Culture Rev. W.C. Dishon 2015-08-23
Avoid Trading Tradition for Truth Kim Flynn 2015-08-17
The Gospel Rev. Jan Ruark 2015-08-09
Enduring Hardships Jonathan Hughes 2015-08-02
The Homerun Life Mike Vallangeon 2015-07-26
Overcoming the Evil Aimed at You Mike Vallangeon 2015-07-26
A Life of Faith is Fun! Mike Vallangeon 2015-07-19
Building a Life of Faith Mike Vallangeon 2015-07-12
The Price of Freedom is Blood Mike Vallangeon 2015-07-05
A House United Mike Vallangeon 2015-06-28