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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Encountering Jesus as He Fulfills His Mission Mike Vallangeon 2016-06-29
Encountering Jesus as He Restores Withered Lives Mike Vallangeon 2016-06-19
Encountering Jesus As We Grow in Grace Mike Vallangeon 2016-06-12
Encountering Jesus: God's Grace is Unfair Mike Vallangeon 2016-06-08
Encountering Jesus: Building the Kingdom Mike Vallangeon 2016-05-15
Encountering Jesus: The Priority of Forgiveness Mike Vallangeon 2016-05-01
Encountering Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration Mike Vallangeon 2016-04-10
Encountering Jesus on the Road to Emmaus Rev. Jan Ruark 2016-04-03
Encountering Jesus on the Road to Jerusalem Mike Vallangeon 2016-03-20
Encountering Jesus in the Storms of Life Mike Vallangeon 2016-03-13
Encountering Jesus at the Well: leading others to Jesus Mike Vallangeon 2016-02-21
Encountering Jesus with Nicodemus: defining our salvation Mike Vallangeon 2016-02-14
Jesus in the Temple - when he turns our tables over Mike Vallangeon 2016-02-07
Jesus at the Wedding: He Meets Our Needs Mike Vallangeon 2016-02-01